Autoteq 340 340LPH Racing Fuel Pump


Regular price $54.95

Part #: AT-11140-GSS340
  • 340LPH (89.5 GPH)
  • 43.5 PSI (3 Bar)
  • Replacement for Aeromotive 11140 or Walbro GSS340
  • Comes with standard installation kit
  • Fits most vehicles (as long as you can mount to your fuel sending unit)

This Autoteq fuel pump replaces the Aeromotive or Walbro equivalent. These fuel pumps are actually manufactured at the same factory as the Aeromotive version and are identical except it has silver casing and a black top instead of black casing and a red top (Aeromotive). They are 100% the same other than the color difference. Just to be on the safe side, we sent both the Autoteq and Aeromotive to RC Engineering and got the same results. These are indeed the exact same fuel pump.

This fuel pump will fit 99% of vehicles. As long as you can mount it onto your fuel sending unit (using zip ties works like a charm), and the filter is set low into your gas tank, then you are good to go. Each fuel pump comes with a standard installation kit which includes everything shown in the image.